Back in the day, at our previous company, we were developing sophisticated online applications for many of the largest, most successful companies in the world. Large, Fortune 500 projects have their advantages but they generally involve a lot of people, a lot of meetings and take a good amount of time. While doing these projects, we realized that we could offer the same level of technological advantage to small and medium size businesses – and we could do it faster and much more cost-effectively. That idea became the genesis for 13PRIME.

The nice thing about working with small to medium sized companies is that we’re usually dealing directly with the decision makers. That means we can build with a unified vision, turn things around quickly and keep costs at a minimum.

14 years later, 13PRIME has developed a reputation with our clients that we’re proud of:

You can depend on us. We do what we say we’re going to do.

We are very easy to work with, easy to reach and quick to respond.

We are among the most experienced web developers in the U.S. with many years experience in the industry.

We are proactive – it’s our job, not yours, to monitor performance and bring you new ideas and new opportunities.

Steve Brown
Founding Partner

Keith Hall
Founding Partner